2 Trains Derailed In Arkansas In 24 Hours For Causes Unknown

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We reported yesterday that a train derailed in Texarkana, Arkansas for causes unknown.

We can now confirm that another train derailment happened shortly after that crash as well!

According to, another train derailed afterwards on another Union Pacific route through Arkansas. The second derailment happened only about 7 miles away from Hope, Arkansas. Multiple train trips were cancelled by Amtrak in a “freeze” of inventory.

Another Train Derails In Arkansas

After the second train crash near Hope, Arkansas, Amtrak decided to cancel both the eastbound and westbound Texas Eagle train. They were from Fort Worth, Texas and St Louis, Missouri, respectively.

When a certain train route is blocked, Amtrak managers may choose to “freeze” inventory. This means that seats on the train would show up as “sold out” to anyone looking to buy a seat.

Thankfully, the eastbound and westbound Texas Eagle train had not left their stations.

It Keeps Happening

For some unknown reason, train derailments keep happening near Hope, Arkansas.

Last time, police were force to close multiple roads in the city.

This is the third time this year.

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