Freight Train Derails In Arkansas For Unknown Reason

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A freight train carrying a heavy load has just derailed in Arkansas.

According to NWA Online, a large Union Pacific freight train derailed about 40 miles northeast of Texarkana, Arkansas. A spokesperson for the railroad says no one has been injured.

Train Derailment Confirmed In Arkansas

A railroad spokesperson says 10 shipment cars went off the rails at 3:25PM near U.S. 67. A spokesperson says that crews from the railroad were called in working throughout the evening cleaning the mess up.

Thankfully, none of the cargo was hazardous. There were also reportedly no injuries.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation

The event happened on Saturday night.

Not The First Time This Year

As we reported previously this year, there have been multiple train derailments in Arkansas within the past year.

A train derailment also happened in Hope, Arkansas in March.


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