Fairfield Bay City Councilwoman Calls Police After Noticing Issue With Her Car

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Some disturbing reports are coming out of Fairfield Bay, Arkansas.

Fairfield Bay City Council member Bella Comas announced on Facebook that she called the police after she noticed someone may have slashed her car’s tire. She noticed the flat tire after her neighbor’s dogs started barking early in the morning. Photographs have been released to the public for viewing.

Police Called In Fairfield Bay

It all started when Comas heard dogs barking early in the morning:

“I think it happened around 3 am to 4 am Saturday morning I heard my neighbors dogs next door across from my car barking like mad because it woke me up.”

She says she originally thought it was just a flat tire, then went she went to fill it with air she realized what happened:

“I thought I had a flat tire this morning. So I went outside to put air in the tire when I realized that someone had slashed my rear passenger tire and it wouldn’t hold air pass 40 psi. My tire was only a year and a half old.”

That’s when Bella Comas filed a police report. Officers told Comas that she needed more police officers to patrol the area near her home:

“I have filed a police report 4/13/2024 with FFB PD Officer Horton. He had suggested requesting extra patrol. Which was a brilliant idea.”

Photographs of the flat tire can be viewed below:

She Calls This Political Intimidation

Bella Comas says the recent tire incident is one of many involving other city residents. Community Club member Jeff Smallmon and real estate agent Dale Gunter have reportedly faced similar acts of vandalism:

“I’m not the only person dealing with Vandalism of this kind. Jeff Smallmon and Dale Gunter have been a victim of it too. Is that what it has come down to in our city? View discrimination politics?”

Hopefully, these disturbing events will not escalate.

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