Child Issues In Arkansas City Linked To “Trauma” From Gang Culture

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Pine Bluff learning issues may be linked to a heartbreaking cause.

According to Arkansas Advocate, violence in Pine Bluff schools has increased dramatically in recent years. Not only is education being prevented, but it may be caused by “trauma” from gang violence.

Pine Bluff “Trauma” Reported From Gang Violence

The assistant chief juvenile officer of the local circuit court, Eric Walden, says he’s been forced to make many visits to the school over violent incidents.

According to him, “business is booming” in the violence department.

Walden says he sees trauma in the classrooms after murders of friends of classmates:

“When we bring it up, we can feel the trauma in the room. We know it’s hard: You were at school with Billy just the other day, and now he’s gone. Maybe you know the kid who killed him, and now one is locked up and the other is deceased.”

Sadly, this is not unusual for Pine Bluff as the city continues to crumble.

According to Census Data, a shocking report shows that one in eight people in Pine Bluff have either died or relocated. Gang culture is taking over the city.

Some children are even forced to miss school over the violence. According to Evans:

“If they get wind that a kid might be getting into it with somebody — even if the kid was a victim because he was threatened — they’d tell him not to come to school. We see a lot of that, kids getting put on virtual, because they’re trying to prevent situations from happening.”

Officials are hoping they can do something to make the crime slow down.

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