Shots Fired Outside Homes Of Fairfield Bay Community Club Employees

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A disturbing string of incidents involving gunfire have been reported across Fairfield Bay.

According to the Lake Area Weekly, multiple gunshots were reported by Fairfield Bay Community Club employees. They both happened outside of the employees’ homes. A dog was later run over and killed. Police are currently investigating both incidents.

Shots Fired In Fairfield Bay Arkansas

It all started when between 11 and 11:30pm on Monday, May 13th, a gun sounding like a shotgun was fired outside the home of a Community Club employee.

The next morning, at 4am on May 14th, multiple gunshots were fired outside the bedroom window of yet another Community Club employee’s home. Although nobody was injured, a car was heard speeding away.

Both of these incidents are under investigation.

In yet another incident, an employee’s dog was run over and killed today on May 16th. The owner heard the hit and when he went outside he saw taillights and the vehicle sped off.

These incidents come a few weeks after Fairfield Bay’s city council member was forced to file a police report after her car’s tire was allegedly slashed.

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