Arkansas Supreme Court Overturns Controversial Verdict Ahead Of Election Time

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They’re tightening rules for voting ahead of election time. It makes sure there aren’t any shady votes!

According to UARL Public Radio, the Arkansas Supreme Court just overruled a lower court’s injunction that was blocking voting ID laws from going into affect. The State Supreme Court’s decision is a major reversal with implications for upcoming elections.

Act 249 Goes Ahead After New Ruling

Act 249 was suspiciously blocked by a lower court because it forces voters to show valid ID when voting. Certain people apparently didn’t like that!

Thankfully, the Supreme Court of Arkansas has overturned this injunction. Act 249 is going ahead.

So what’s in Act 249? It prevents loitering around polling places. That simply means people cannot harass or intimidate potential voters.

It also forces ID to be shown for people voting in person and using mail-in ballots.

A Constitutional Decision For The State

The new verdict is a huge win for Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who appointed Associate Justice Cody Hiland to the Supreme Court. Hiland is the one who wrote the State Supreme Court’s Majority Opinion.

Hiland says the verdict is based on Arkansas’ Consttution:

“A free and equal election in Arkansas has long been understood to be one in which qualified voters can vote in accordance with rules and processes established by the legislature.”

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