Arkansas Radio DJ Ben Johnson Featured On Channel 8 For Teaching Children Marketable Skills

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You’ve heard him on The Bull 105.7 KBGB and Cowboy 100.7 KEAZ.

Radio DJ veteran Ben Johnson has been featured in Channel 8 in Jonesboro. The reason? He’s helping children develop marketable skills as broadcasters. He teaching them radio and inspiring them for the future!

Ben Johnson Is Teaching Children Marketable Skills

Ben Johnson has been working with Cave City’s high school’s radio station, Caveman Radio, teaching children the ropes of broadcasting. He’s been doing it for over 40 years!

According to Johnson, it’s about getting real world experience:

“Getting the hands-on experience makes all the difference in the world. Once they actually get involved, then they start enjoying it. They really get into it, because one, it’s not difficult, two, it’s easy to talk. They do it all the time.”

In the program, Cave City students have learned how to be sociable adults and employees. Students praise Johnson’s work. Many say their personality has changed for the better!

A Statement From Arkansas Radio’s Owner

Bob Connell, the owner of Arkansas Radio, is extremely proud to have Ben Johnson as part of the team of radio veterans:

“Ben Johnson is one of the best personalities on the radio today. We’re glad he’s part of our team of radio personalities. Each of them have over 40 years of experience.”

Please show your support to Ben Johnson and all the work he’s doing to help children and students in the broadcasting industry!

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