Anti-Israel Protests Shut Down Roads In Little Rock In Loud Demonstration

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You’d think that protests like these would only happen in places like New York or California.

But now it’s in our own backyard!

According to Arkansas Times, protestors are shutting down Arkansas roads now too. Over 40 cars took part in a controversial protest against Israel by honking horns and displaying flags in support of the nation-state of Palestine.

Road Shut Down In Little Rock

It all happened on Cantrell Road at the intersection in front of Kroger in Little Rock. Cars were spotted driving from Easter Seals to the intersection honking horns and displaying flags.

Apparently the protest got so wild that Cantrell Road was temporarily shut down because of the protest.

Lawsuits Filed Over Similar Protest Implications

The protest comes after a Republican Arkansas State Senator was sued by an Arkansas Democrat for insinuating that Palestine supporters were pro-hamas terrorism.

Arkansas Senator Bart Hester said that the 2022 Democrat Governor nominee Chris Jones was taking a “pro-hamas terrorist position.”

This is the tweet that led to the lawsuit:

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