Elon Musk Challenger Abandons Arkansas Car Business And Property

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Another one bites the dust.

One of Elon Musk’s rivals has decided to cancel plans in Arkansas.

According to 5 News Online, the electric car company Canoo Technologies is canceling its plans to build a car production location in Fayetteville. The sad announcement comes after they initially told the public of its plans in 2021.

Elon Musk Challenger Cuts Arkansas Plans

Cannoo Technologies is an electric car company based out of Texas. It’s a rival company to Elon Musk’s electric car company, Tesla.

Moving to Arkansas was expected to bring our state a whopping 545 jobs. The company even previously released a statement confirming the details, saying:

“These and other investments will bring at least 545 high paying jobs to Benton and Washington counties.”

Sadly, those plans were never to be!

As of last week, the warehouse located in Arkansas was found empty and locked. A sign going into the warehouse said “Warehouse For Sublease.”

Arkansas Business ran a report on the situation that you can watch below:

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