Arkansas Schools Try To Cut Back Time Children Spend Learning

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They’re pushing to make children spend even less time in the classroom!

According to the Arkansas Times, a large number of schools across the state are quietly pushing to give children a 4-day work week instead of 5. They’re doing it because teachers like it more when they work less!

Less School Is… Better?

Andy Chisum took a job as superintendent of the Mayflower School District 3 years ago. He says teachers didn’t want the job:

“Our teacher attrition rate was awful.”

So Chisum said that school officials decided that it was better to just have high-paid teachers who work less:

“Our thought process was, ‘Would we rather have an average teacher in front of kids five days a week or would we rather have a really good teacher in front of the kids four days a week?’”

They then decided that 4 days was better than 5.

Essentially, teachers are making more money now and schools are trying to make them work less for it.

Right After The Shutdowns

The shutdowns may have made this a trend all across the country.

According to latest reporting, there are almost 900 school districts across the country that are only open 4 days a week.

The number were reportedly boosted after the shutdowns from the airborne illness that led to shutdowns of businesses and schools.

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