Paul Wellenberger Resigns From Fairfield Bay City Council Amid Mayor Jackie Sikes Recall Effort

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It’s a sad day for Fairfield Bay, Arkansas.

Former Fairfield Bay Mayor Paul Wellenberger, who recently called for the recall of Mayor Jackie Sikes in Fairfield Bay, has just RESIGNED abruptly from the city council of Fairfield Bay. Paul’s sudden resignation comes amid vicious attacks on social media for calling out alleged mismanagement by the city’s new mayor.

Paul Wellenberger was responsible for some of Fairfield Bay’s biggest successes in Fairfield Bay including bringing hotels and grants to the city. The helicopter hanger in Fairfield Bay is named after Paul and his late wife, Cindy.

Paul Wellenberger Issues Resignation Letter

Paul Wellenberger sent the following letter to Fairfield Bay city council today, stating:

“I am resigning from the Fairfield Bay City Council effective immediately.”

An image of the letter can be seen below. Personal contact information has been redacted for privacy:

Paul Wellenberger Called Out Mayor Jackie Sikes’ Management

Paul’s resignation from the city council comes after he released a video with other business leaders in Fairfield Bay accusing Mayor Jackie Sikes of dividing the community and hurting the city he spent years serving.

You can watch Paul Wellenberger’s video where he explains reasons to sign the recall petition:

In their “Recall Roundtable Discussion,” Mayor Jackie Sikes was accused of :

  • Telling people to move outside Fairfield Bay city limits.
  • Refusing to work with the city council and community club.
  • Holding signs protesting Fairfield Bay’s biggest employer.
  • Causing local businesses to go out of business due to alleged local conference center mismanagement, including the popular jewelry store Sara Bellas.
  • Killing key events at the local conference center, including the Moonshine Festival.
  • Killing a state grant worth over $1,000,000, allegedly without cause.



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