New Rule Could Strip Power From Arkansas Grassroots Republicans

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They’re stripping power away from grassroots Republicans.

According to Conduit News, the State Committee of the Republican Party of Arkansas is considering a rule change that will prohibit and diminish the ability of the Arkansas Republican State Convention to adopt rule changes and platform resolutions.

New Rules For Arkansas Republican State Convention?

The Arkansas State Convention closely represents the state’s Republican grassroots (county committees).

However, if this new rule passes, it would impose an increased vote requirement for the State Convention to be able to pass a rule change or pass a platform resolution. This will likely strip power away from Arkansas county committees.

A Republican group called Conduit for Action has released a statement criticizing the overreaching rule, stating:

“It is time for insiders within the state party apparatus to embrace and support County Committees, Congressional District Committees, and the delegates to the Republican State Convention, instead of looking for ways to diminish them.”

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