Sudden Arrest Made In Connection To Bill Clinton

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An arrest has been made after threats involving Arkansas native Bill Clinton.

Sources report that an official arrest was made after the Clinton Foundation got a message from a 40-year-old woman threatening violence against Former President Bill Clinton. Coincidentally, similar threats were also made against U.S. Senator Tom Cotton by someone else, as we reported yesterday.

Death Threats Against Bill Clinton

The following message was allegedly received by the Clinton Foundation from a woman named Lori A. Davis, who now faces 5 years in prison:

“You can bet your (expletive) (expletive) that we got those sites right in the center of Clinton’s (expletive) eyes and every one of you God (expletive) Democrats trying to push Nazis right on through to the front of the line, guess what, you’re (expletive), we’re gonna hang every one of you Democrat demon (expletive) and I can’t (expletive) wait.”

The suspect was from Park City, Kansas.

After discovering the threat, authorities arrested the woman. She was indicted by a grand jury on Tuesday and faces up to five years in prison.

Tom Cotton Threatened, But No Arrests

We recently reported that a threat involving the image of a homemade gun was sent to U.S. Senator Tom Cotton. FBI was contacted regarding the incident.

Sadly, we can not confirm any arrests or even as much as an investigation by federal authorities regarding the sitting U.S. Senator.

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