Attorney General Griffin Unveils Opioid Mobile Health Clinic

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At a press conference in Malvern today, Attorney General Tim Griffin announced the deployment of a mobile health clinic run by Arkansas Mobile Opioid Recovery (ARMOR). Griffin issued the following statement:

“This mobile health clinic will reach previously underserved and unserved Arkansans in need of treatment for opioid addiction. The $770,000 that my office granted to ARMOR from the state’s opioid settlement funds is money well spent. This mobile clinic not only establishes new treatment capabilities for those battling addiction, but because of its mobile nature, it also gives us a nimble tool to take our opioid abatement effort to the places where it is needed most.

“I greatly appreciate the vision of Dr. Kristin Martin in bringing the concept of this mobile clinic to my attention and then following through to its fruition. My hope is that this mobile clinic will serve as a pilot program, and, if it has the type of success we anticipate, more funds can be raised to establish similar units to serve more corners of the state.”

The mobile unit will be deployed initially on a rotating basis to Malvern, Danville, and Morrilton, providing those communities with a wide range of services, including opioid-addiction assessments; on-site medical consultations; individualized treatment planning; medication-assisted treatment for Opioid Use Disorder; counseling and peer recovery support services; and follow-up care and monitoring.

Griffin first announced funding for the ARMOR mobile health clinic at his Stop Overdose Summit in November 2023. More than 1,300 people registered for the event where Griffin announced grants totaling just over $1 million from state opioid settlement funds.

For more information about the mobile health unit, visit or call (833) 280-5313.

To watch today’s press conference, click here.

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