City In Arkansas Declares “State Of Emergency” For Unclear Reason

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What’s going on in Marianna, Arkansas?

According to 5NewsOnline, the city of Marianna was put under a 52-hour “state of emergency” after officials consulted with the local police department, city council, Arkansas State Police, and the Lee County Sheriff’s Department. It lasted from March 29 at 8pm until March 31 at 12am.

Gun Violence Leads To “State Of Emergency”

Marianna is an Arkansas city near the Mississippi border. Increased gun violence in the area led local city officials to make a desperate announcement to expose the brutal situation.

Marianna’s mayor released a statement explaining why the declaration was necessary:

“This decision was not made lightly but is essential to ensure the safety and security of all residents of Marianna.”

The announcement included an enforced curfew and suspended all public gatherings during that time.

Suspicious Timing?

Residents of the area responded to the news, suggesting that it’s an attempt to prevent Easter celebrations.

One commentator blamed local officials for failing to do their jobs at other times during the year:

“Do y’all really think you can keep families from celebrating Easter together? It’s the most important holiday of the year. If y’all had just done your jobs for the months leading up to this, you wouldn’t have this problem. HE IS RISEN…”

Additionally, no real reason was given for the curfew besides the vague crime reference. The Marianna Police Department was also unclear as well.

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