Mystery Explosive Sound Reported In Fairfield Bay

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Something’s happening in Fairfield Bay.

According to residents of Fairfield Bay on Facebook, a loud noise like a “sonic boom” was heard across Fairfield Bay. Multiple users reportedly heard it on Thursday. Multiple theories are being floated about what happened.

What Happened In Fairfield Bay?

It all started when Fairfield Bay City Council member Bella Comas posted on the Fairfield Bay Today group:

“Was that an explosion, earthquake or sonic boom? Shook my mobile like crazy…”

Other users chimed in:

“Wow… that shook the ground and our house.”

Someone else said:

“That was loud!!! I checked all our security cameras expecting to see a truck wreck or something but saw nothing.”

One commentator said that he suspected jet activity over the city. He even posted screenshots supporting his theory:

“I’ve noticed three fighter jets refueling tankers in the area. They are refueling fighter jets in the air while practicing. You can’t normally see the fighters because they have their radar turned off.”

If you have any information about this event, you can let citizens know on the Fairfield Bay Today page on Facebook.


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