Illness Hits Arkansas After Resident Consumes Contaminated Recalled Food

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A serious illness has been confirmed in Arkansas after a recalled food was consumed in the state.

According to KNWA Fox24, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that at least one Arkansas resident has contracted salmonella after an outbreak involving contaminated cucumbers. The strange infection comes despite Arkansas not being one of the states listed for the food recall.

Illness Reaches Arkansas Involving Contaminated Cucumbers

On May 31, cucumbers were recalled by a company called Fresh Start Produce Sales Inc. Yet Arkansas was not one of the states listed in the recall.

Now fast forward to June 5th, at least one person was confirmed to have contracted salmonella from the cucumbers in the state of Arkansas. The question is why Arkansas was not listed as a potential state threatened by the outbreak.

Please make sure to check your foods for any recalls that may affect the companies producing them.

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