Rule Changes Leave 1 In 5 Arkansas Children Without Medicaid

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Many children across Arkansas are losing access to key healthcare benefits after sudden rule changes in the state.

According to the Arkansas Advocate, 1 in 5 Arkansas children have lost access to Medicaid. The effects hit after a special “unwinding” period in the state. Many children lost eligibility after the 2020 public emergency from illness came to an end.

Arkansas Children Lose Medicaid

After COVID-19’s public emergency came to an end, the state of Arkansas began something called an unwinding period to disenroll people who were no longer considered eligible for Medicaid. Sadly, many of those people are children.

Please note that all legal procedures and requirements were followed.

Although Arkansas ranks 6th in the highest percentage decline in Medicaid coverage for kids, it’s important to realize that due to Arkansas’ small size, percentages will always be higher for any action taken by Arkansas.

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