Arkansas State Senator Slapped With Lawsuit Over Mean Tweet

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A top Arkansas Democrat politician took a tweet a little too personally.

According to KARK, former Democrat Gubernational candidate Chris Jones filed a DEFAMATION lawsuit against State Senator Bart Hester. Hester mocked Jones by saying he “may want to take a knee to terrorist sympathizers” after Jones praised protestors against Israel in a tweet to an Arkansas Times editor.

Lawsuit Filed After Mean Tweet

It all started when an editor for the Arkansas Times wrote on Twitter:

“Are there any instances where mass student protests turned out to be wrong?”

The editor’s comment comes amid current anti-Israel protests happening at college universities across the country.

Chris Jones wrote a tweet commenting on the question, saying:

“We would do well to NOT ignore them.”

Arkansas State Senator Bart Hester responded to Chris Jones with the following tweet:

Jones later announced he was taking legal action for the possibly mean tweet:

“Today, I filed a civil lawsuit against Bart Hester for defamation with malice. This case is about protecting civil public discourse. It is about an apparent inability to have a grown-up conversation without someone defaming another person.”

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