New Scam Warning Issued For Arkansas Residents

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Don’t let them fool you!

According to THV11, there’s a new online scam involving lost animals that lets scammers steal your private information. The Arkansas Lost and Found Pet Network has issued a warning to the public.

Arkansas Pet Scam

Here’s how the scam works. Fraudsters are contacting people who have recently lost pets pretending to be animal control or acting as animal cruelty investigators.

It’s all a rouse to get you to hand over your valuable personal information. Don’t fall for it.

Donna Winchell, the Main Administrator for Arkansas Lost and Found Pet Network, has the following warning:

“We’ve seen scammers contacting a pet owner or pet finder immediately after we post the pet. We have people who will text the person that posts a pet saying they have the pet.”

The scammers then ask you for a six-digit code. They might go after your bank account information or credit cards.

“They will then proceed to ask if they can send a six-digit code to the person, and they will give the pet back. So if you think about it, they are trying to get information. They have the person’s number and now they’re trying to get a six-digit code, which is what you always need, for instance, to get into your bank account or if you’re trying to get into your credit cards, and you need to verify its use.”

Don’t fall for it. Always verify someone’s government affiliation before giving them any private information about yourself.

Please send this to friends and family so you don't get defrauded!
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