Arkansas Senator Left Unemployed After Forced Resignation

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He claims his forced resignation was racially motivated.

According to KATV in Little Rock, Arkansas State Sen. Fredrick Love, D-District 15, says that his forced resignation from his position as the director of community services was “racially motivated.” Not only does he want his old job back, but he claims he can’t find a job!

Serious Charges

State Sen. Fredrick Love has filed a lawsuit alleging that there was a violation of Arkansas’ Whistleblower Act. He says it happened while he was serving as a county official.

Love claims that he was subjected to hostile working conditions and unwarranted investigations, likely motivated by racism.

Meanwhile, Love says that one colleague who was accused of sexual assault against minors was treated with more respect than him. The alleged child abuser was kept around until it was not longer “politically expedient to do so.”

He Can’t Find A Job

It all started after Love fired the county housing director, who was under his authority as director of community services. Love claimed that he was even told by a county judge that he had done nothing wrong. Yet he was still pressured to resign.

Love says that he hasn’t been able to find a job since:

“I haven’t been able to gain employment since that time. Once this happens, people tend to shy away from you. I’ve been dismissed from not only that job but I’ve been dismissed from a couple of volunteer boards.”

The result and quality of his lawsuit are yet to be determined.

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