Mysterious “Suicide” In Arkansas Gets National Attention

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What happened?

According to The Guardian, a man’s mysterious death on the highway in Arkansas is leading some commentators to say an investigation needs to be launched. The official cause of death of the man has been declared a suicide.

Mystery Arkansas “Suicide” Leads To Questions

At 4:30am, two police officers spotted an SUV parked on the side of a central Arkansas highway.

Inside the car was Daniel Barajas, He had stopped to sleep after a few hours of driving. He was headed to Texas to meet his niece for the first time.

Cops decided to search the 38-year-old’s car for drugs. After admittingly finding nothing, cops say they left the scene while telling the suspect not to drive anywhere.

Minutes later, Barajas was dead from an alleged “suicide” by running into traffic.

The incident happened in 2022. But family members of Barajas still are left not knowing what happened:

“This is destroying us, destroying our family, not knowing. We want the truth.”

After the mysterious death, the coroner ruled his death a suicide.

Multiple Stories Combined

It’s reported that official police records include errors and incomplete and often contradictory accounts.

During the interactions with police, Barajas allegedly told police that he was having issues with his contact lenses. Afterwards, police called EMPTS and claimed that the suspect was having hallucinations.

After EMTs arrived, they looked at Barajas and say he appeared “altered” but was calm and alert.

As a result, a lawsuit has been filed by attorneys claiming that the suspect was racially profiled.

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