Jason Rapert Requests Immediate Ban After List Emerges Involving Arkansas Children

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Jason Rapert wants to protect minors from explicit material. Yet his critics think children should have access to it!

In a new announcement on social media, former Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert, who now serves on the State Library Board, says it’s time to ban explicit books in Arkansas libraries to prevent minors from getting those materials. Critics are attacking him for the announcement by saying he shouldn’t protect children from explicit material.

Jason Rapert Requests Arkansas Ban To Protect Children

It all started when Jason Rapert got a request to see how much objectionable content was in libraries being exposed to children. Jason Rapert says he received a report:

“My request for a survey of #Arkansas public libraries to report to us on having any books with obscene, pornographic or objectionable materials accessible to minor children has been received.”

Jason Rapert says many were surprised by how long the list of objectionable content was:

“There are TONS of these books on Arkansas library shelves in print and also digital form. Many are surprised the list is so large.”

Rapert is calling for an immediate ban:

“I call upon all library boards and librarians to IMMEDIATELY remove these books and secure them out of reach of minor children.”

Jason Rapert even released a list of all the objectionable content that’s causing so much concern:

Jason Rapert Criticized For Trying To Protect Children

Jason Rapert’s call to protect children from literal explicit material is suspiciously being labeled “censorship”.

The Arkansas Times is notably calling Jason Rapert a “book banner.” They even claim: “Rapert clearly wants to control what your children read and can’t read as well as his own.”

Clearly, this is probably more controversial than anyone expected.

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