Governor Sarah Sanders Tells What’s Next In “State Of The Union” Speech

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During her State of the State address yesterday afternoon, Governor Sanders articulated her vision for Arkansas’s fiscal future. She emphasized that if a budget is submitted to her office, prioritizing the funding of critical services for Arkansans while simultaneously curbing government expansion, she would gladly affix her signature to it. The governor reiterated her unwavering commitment to responsibly phasing out the state income tax rate, thus enabling every individual to retain a larger portion of their hard-earned income.

Furthermore, Governor Sanders emphasized her dedication to fully funding the LEARNS Act within the proposed budget. This legislative initiative holds paramount importance in enhancing educational opportunities and bolstering workforce development throughout Arkansas. By advocating for the complete funding of the LEARNS Act, Governor Sanders demonstrated her strong belief in investing in education as a means to empower individuals and drive economic growth.

Throughout her address, Governor Sanders underscored the necessity of prudent financial management and strategic planning in governance. Her vision encompasses a balanced budget that not only supports essential services crucial to the well-being of the state’s residents but also fosters economic resilience and prosperity. This comprehensive approach aligns with her overarching goal of creating a sustainable and thriving future for all Arkansans.

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