Arkansas Department of Agriculture Announces Website Collaboration with Arkansas Agritourism

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The Arkansas Department of Agriculture is pleased to announce the addition of Arkansas Agritourism to the multi-platform website that currently includes the Arkansas Grown and Arkansas Farm to School websites. This collaboration connects consumers to local food, farm to school programs, and agritourism within the state and can be accessed through the following links:

“Agriculture impacts every citizen in every community throughout our state,” said Arkansas Secretary of Agriculture Wes Ward. “This collaboration offers unique opportunities for producers, schools, and agritourism destinations to connect with one another and form partnerships that have positive, long-lasting impacts on our communities, state, and visitors.”

The connected website was developed by Lapero LLC and offers many features, including user-friendly interactive maps of Arkansas Grown and Arkansas Made products, school gardens, local procurement, farms, and agritourism destinations across the state. The site enables school nutrition directors and farmers to find each other and connect on one website platform with a simple click on the home page.

With the addition of this new site, Arkansans, schools, and producers can search the multi-site platform for those who participate in Arkansas’s agritourism industry. The website enables schools, farms, and agritourism destinations to create profiles and customize listings to include information on the local products they buy, sell, or showcase. Listings on this website are free for schools, farmers, and producers.

“Arkansas Agritourism Association is proud to be part of the collaborative,” said Grace Pepler, president of Arkansas Agritourism Association, “and looks forward to working with farmers and schools to build the growing opportunities for agritourism within our community and state.”

The Arkansas Agritourism Association also has a section within the Arkansas Agritourism website for farmers and producers to learn more and join the state’s association for agritourism.

The Arkansas Department of Agriculture is dedicated to the development and implementation of policies and programs for Arkansas agriculture, forestry, and natural resources conservation to keep its farmers and ranchers competitive in national and international markets while sustaining natural resources and ensuring safe food, fiber, and forest products for the citizens of the state and nation. Visit The Arkansas Department of Agriculture offers its programs to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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