Protestors Swarm Arkansas Capitol Outraged Over New ID Law

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A giant protest was just held at the Arkansas Capitol.

According to THV11, protestors swarmed the Arkansas state capitol in Little Rock over a new drivers license rule. Activists are upset over changes to rules for drivers licenses in the state requiring them to be identified as male or female. Activists think they should be allowed to identify as “x” instead.

Protests Erupt Over State ID Law

The protesting group behind the disruptions at the Capitol were led by the LGBT group Central Arkansas Pride. Large crowds of people showed up on state capitol steps.

The activists were protesting Arkansas’ decision to only allow male or female options on citizens’ driver’s licenses.

Gender activists allegedly want to be able to select a gender option based on how they feel about themselves. They want multiple-choice ID cards, which the current Arkansas governor’s administration is not allowing.

The protests come after the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration under Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ administration recently announced that it would no longer allow people to identify as “x” on their ID cards. Activists say this represents a safety issue for people who identify as genders that aren’t male or female.

Although it remains to be seen how these ID changes could lead to negative effects, it just goes to show something as simple as an ID form change could be seen as controversial.

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