Governor’s Husband Bryan Sanders Makes Special Appearance In Fairfield Bay

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It was a big day for the Fairfield Bay Rotary Club.

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ husband, Bryan Sanders, made a special visit to speak at the Fairfield Bay Rotary Club’s meeting yesterday hosted by The Little Red Restaurant. The First Gentleman discussed the issues facing the state of Arkansas and how promoting outdoor attractions could help local communities succeed financially.

Bryan Sanders Highlights Selling Points Of Arkansas

First Gentleman Bryan began his speech by highlighting the two most profitable attractions to Arkansas: agriculture and tourism.

Bryan emphasized the importance of finding a balance between the preservation of traditional Arkansas culture and attracting new outside tourism. He says the perfect balance is to focus on Arkansas’ natural amenities and attractions:

“It’s not just the fly fishing or the trout fishing. It’s the hunting. It’s the hiking. It’s the mountain biking. It’s the kayaking. The rock climbing.”

Bryan wants Arkansans to craft a story that makes people understand why Arkansas’ natural beauty is so desirable:

“There are a lot of different areas in terms of outdoor recreation where we have a right to win We just have to do a better job telling that story.”

Bryan then went on to praise the Natural State Initiative. The project was launched by Bryan and Governor Sarah Sanders to boost local economies by focusing on outdoor activities.

Bryan Sanders Highlights Nature’s Effect On Mental Health

One unexpected point made by the First Gentleman was how Arkansas’ nature in an era of mental health issues could be more valuable than ever.

Bryan Sanders said it’s no coincidence that teenage depression rates went up in the same year the iPhone was released. Less screen time and more nature could likely reduce depression rates.

He also praised his wife’s recent push to limit screen time for children on social media.

Photographed below is Arkansas Radio owner Bob Connell, yours truly, and Jeff Gannon, who is responsible for building the elaborate ATV trails across Fairfield Bay:


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