Incident Involving Infants At Dillard’s Mall Leads To Mother’s Arrest

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Police were forced to make a sudden arrest in Pine Bluff.

According to THV11, a Pine Bluff mother was arrested after leaving 2 of her infants in a parked car while shopping in the discount mall. Babies were screaming in the call when police were called.

Screaming Infants Led To Police Call

Two witnesses outside of Dillard’s say they called the police when 2 infants began crying loudly. They were left alone in a Ford Explorer.

When police arrived at the scene, the babies were locked in the car with the windows slightly cracked and blankets over the children.

Ms. Aiyana Arnold exited Dillard’s and unlocked the Ford Explorer from a distance. She was apprehended by police shortly after.

The incident is being described by reporters as a “wellfare check” gone wrong.

Once the mother was found, she was arrested by police for endangering the welfare of a minor. The Arkansas Department of Human Services has also gotten involved in the case.

Authorities have allowed the child to be put in the custody of their father as the legal issues gets resolved.

Regardless of what happens, please remember that keeping infant children in a parked car without the engine running isn’t just dangerous. It’s illegal. By putting your child in danger, you’re also putting yourself in danger.


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