Secret Service Offers Vague Warning Ahead Of Trump Nomination At RNC

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The Arkansas Democrat Gazette just released new details about the Secret Service.

According to an AP story from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, the Secret Service still has not agreed to provide security for the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee featuring Donald Trump ahead of 2024. The Secret Service refuses to speak on the potential danger of protests happening at the event. But they do admit something bad is likely to happen.

Secret Service Not Committed On RNC Yet

About 30,000 visitors are expected to arrive in Milwaukee for the Republican National Convention where Donald Trump officially becomes the Republican Party’s official presidential candidate for 2024.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service has quietly not committed to what they’re going to do to protect the historic event. ┬áThe head of the U.S. Secret Service said Thursday that security plans for the Republican National Convention are still being created. They won’t commit to anything. specific.

However, a spokesperson for the Secret Service admits that protestors targeting Trump “creates an elevated and untenable safety risk to the attending public.”

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