May, Older Americans Month

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Each May, Older Americans Month pays tribute to the invaluable contributions made by older adults throughout the nation.

While navigating the responsibilities of raising families and forging careers, older Americans have consistently enriched those around them through various forms of service. As the landscape of their lifetimes has evolved, they have remained steadfast in their dedication to volunteering and supporting their neighborhoods in unique ways. Whether through mentoring the youth, lending a hand to local charities, or serving their nation, each individual merits recognition for their enduring commitment.

Moreover, Older Americans Month serves as a platform to raise awareness about the pressing issue of elder abuse and neglect. With advancing age, the vulnerability to such mistreatment escalates. It is imperative to establish and bolster resources aimed at safeguarding our elderly population from these risks. Active engagement in community and social endeavors is one effective strategy to not only combat isolation but also to bolster overall health and vitality as we age. Bob Connell recently talked with Ted Hall, Executive Director of White River Area Agency on Aging.

You can hear the full interview of Bob Connell talking with Ted Hall, Executive Director of White River Area Agency on Aging on Open Mic at Arkansas Radio dot com.

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