Attorney General Tim Griffin Explains The Law To Public After Governor Gets Attacked

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Lots of allegations. But most of it looks like overblown sensationalism.

According to Arkansas Advocate, Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin says that Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is NOT subject to laws that regulate purchases by government entities. The statement comes after Governor Sanders was accused of spending too much money on speaking equipment. Namely, a lectern.

Not A Problem

The law in question is the General Accounting and Budgetary Procedures Law. You can read that law here.

While protestors against the Governor say that it means that Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ spending practices for equipment is subject to regulations.

State Attorney General Tim Griffin is dispelling these misconceptions, saying that the law “does not require constitutional offices to use M&R…”

Griffin released the following statement about the law:

“In fact, it doesn’t require any state agency to use M&R. Instead, it is directed only at the Secretary of the Department of Finance and Administration, as the State’s Chief Fiscal Officer.”

“Audit” Developing

Despite Attorney General Griffin explaining the law, critics of Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders are pushing against the governor’s purchasing practices anyway.

They are literally about to audit the purchase of a lectern under Sarah Sanders’ watch. Somehow, these activists believe this is the best use of their time.

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