Arkansas Woman Pleads Guilty After Violent Axe Attack

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She threw away more than an axe with this crime.

According to KAIT8, an Arkansas woman has just pled guilty to violently throwing an axe at her husband during a fight at a doughnut shop. The incident happened in Trumann, Arkansas.

Serious Marriage Problems

Boren Un, 42, agreed to plea guilty to a lesser charge of first-degree assault, a Class A misdemeanor.

Police originally arrested Un at the Daily Donuts on Highway 463 in Trumann.

Court documents say that Un started chasing her husband with the axe at the Donut store. When the husband tried to flee, she threw the axe through the door at him.

Despite the serious crime, the judge presiding over the case only gave her 12 months of suspended imposition along with monthly installments of $50 fees.

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