Arkansas Sting Operation Leads To 74 Arrests In Coordinated Crackdown

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Big news for Arkansas law enforcement.

According to Kait8, police from multiple agencies came together in Baxter County in a special 3-day operation. The operation has been named “Operation Accountability,”  which has led to over 70 arrests.

“Operation Accountability” Revealed

Local police revealed on Friday that the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office was behind a scheme to round up parolees and probation absconders, as well as suspects still facing outstanding warrants. There were more than usual.

The police targeted parolees, probationers, and registered sex offenders. Police began operations on March 26 and wrapped them up on March 28.

It’s reported that 74 people were arrested. A whopping 71 of them were booked into Baxter County jail.

Items were also seized during the arrests including everything from firearms and drugs to a hard drive, cell phones, and computers.

According to The Baxter Bulletin, Baxter County Sheriff John Montgomery made the following statement:

“[M]ultiple digital devices were triaged in the field. These included 13 cellular phones, a smart TV, a standalone computer and a laptop computer. Of those devices, three phones and one computer were confiscated for forensic examination. One sex offender was arrested for violating sex offender registration requirements.”

The agencies behind the operation were:

  • Baxter County Sheriff’s Office
  • Mountain Home Police Department
  • Arkansas State Police
  • Arkansas Division of Community Corrections – Parole and Probation Services
  • Arkansas Division of Community Corrections – Sex Offender Services
  • Cotter Police Department
  • Arkansas Division of Corrections – North Central Unit – K9 Tracking Team
  • Baxter County District Court – Probation Services
  • United States Bureau of ATF – Local Agent

The Sheriff released a statement saying similar crackdowns should be expected:

“We appreciate our partner agencies coming together in an operation designed to hold these people accountable.  We hope to undertake similar concentrated enforcement efforts in the future. “


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