Arkansas Passes Rare Law Giving Local Government More Power

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They’re cracking down.

According to THV11, the Arkansas Senate just passed a bill that would bring more regulations to crypto-mining. The law comes as the industry is under pressure from locals who say the mining companies are disrupting local life with loud technology.

The new law will give local governments more power to go after businesses that are involved in data mining.

Arkansas Crypto Mining Law Passed

On Monday, the Arkansas Senate passed a bill that could bring more oversight and special fees to hit crypto-currency miners who have been using shadowy data mining to make huge profits.

Arkansas Business says that the outrage over cryptocurrency mining operations comes from Arkansas local governments. Locals are concerned about the noise, power use, and even shadowy foreign ownership including nation-states that might be hostile to the United States.

While Arkansas lawmakers were initially open to the industry, they have begun to rethink their positions. This new law represents that.

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