Arkansas Man Hospitalized After Consuming A Starbucks Drink

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You can’t trust anyone anymore!

An Arkansas man was rushed to the hospital after a Starbucks employee allegedly gave him the wrong type of milk in his coffee. He had a severe allergic reaction. He’s blaming Starbucks for what happened.

“Life-Threatening” Accident At Starbucks

A native resident of Little Rock, Arkansas is filing a lawsuit against the coffee company after the wrong drink was allegedly given to him.

On September 12th, the Arkansas resident ordered an Apple Crisp Oatmilk Frappucino. He started to drink the frappuccino after he got home.

The man soon realized that instead of oat milk, Starbucks allegedly used regular dairy milk. He is extremely allergic to dairy.

The lawsuit says that the Starbucks drink sent the man into an anaphylactic shock — which is likely a fatal allergic reaction. Documents say the man stabbed himself with an EpiPen and called 911. He was later rushed to the hospital.

The lawsuit declares the accident is the direct result of negligence:

“Plaintiff has a severe allergy to milk. his negligent mistake is life threatening to a person with severe allergies.”

Starbucks claims the lawsuit has not yet been served. They are not providing any comments at this time.

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