Attorney General Griffin Calls Challengers’ Decision Not to Seek U.S. Supreme Court Review of Arkansas’s Successful Defense of Legislative Map ‘a Win for Arkansans’

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Attorney General Tim Griffin today issued the following statement after the NAACP and ACLU declined to seek U.S. Supreme Court review of the state’s landmark win before the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit in Arkansas State Conference NAACP v. Arkansas Board of Apportionment:

“Last year, the Eighth Circuit threw out a challenge to Arkansas’s legislative map and became the first federal court of appeals to make clear that Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act is not privately enforceable. The NAACP and ACLU’s decision not to ask the Supreme Court to review the Eighth Circuit’s ruling is a win for Arkansans as it ends that challenge, leaves Arkansas’s legislative map in place, and puts an end to similar meritless challenges in other states.

“For far too long special interests groups have used Section 2 to hijack redistricting decisions and dictate how states conduct elections. The Eighth Circuit’s decision put an end to that practice in Arkansas and six other states. It confirmed that decisions about how to enforce the Voting Rights Act should be made by elected officials, not special interest groups. And here, the Biden administration tellingly declined—when asked—to challenge Arkansas’s legislative map.

“It is important to remember that Arkansas’s redistricting process is handled primarily by three statewide constitutional officers who are answerable to Arkansas voters. I thank Solicitor General Nicholas Bronni and Senior Assistant Solicitor General Asher Steinberg for their excellent work on this case.”

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